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Celebrities and Marc by Marc Jacobs #1 - Anna Sophia Robb 

The first time I bought a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag it was the summer of 2006. And the first thing that came to my mind is that it had an 80's look to it that one couldn't miss. Given the 80's influence in the brand's prints, it's not surprise Marc by Marc Jacobs is used a lot on Carrie's Diaries.

The first picture is the Twinkle Stripe Sweater, and the second one is of the Flash Stripe Top. Very 80's flashy indeed.


Petal To The Metal Long Station Necklace


What is it about the Petal to the Metal collection that has me thinking so much about investing some money on this necklace? I don't know if it's the pink, or the birds, but this coming Spring season I find myself seriously considering buying it.

And I don't even wear necklaces! Oh yes, I admit to that. Handbags are my thing. Give me a gift card any day and I'll spend it right away, on a handbag, you guessed. But I really really really R E A L L Y like this necklace. Off to saving I go!

This necklace is available at Shopbop and Nordstrom for USD 98.


Preppy Leather Colorblocked Pearl - Yes Please! 

I promise no picture of this bag is fair. The more I carry it, the more I love it. The shape, the color blocking, the combination of yellow, black and gray. If you don't believe me, it's ok, but at least give me the benefit of the doubt. Then again if you're reading this website is because you certainly have to love MBMJ as much as I do. The shape of this bag while being carried is beautiful. It's also very spacious without looking big and the leather is to die for.

In fact, I love it so much I had to write this post. And I don't write in my blog very often.

It's available via Zappos and Nordstrom for USD 468.



Thunder Travel Leather Satchel in Wineberry


If you are as obsessed as I am with the Thunderdome bags from the Fall 2012 collection you're probably reading this because you are looking for one available online. Well, the wait is over! It can now be found via Nordstrom available in wineberry. It's the only website I know that has it available. I can't wait for the rest of them to be available and I can't wait to see it in real life. I have been waiting for this bag ever since the runway!

Available via Nordstrom for USD 528.

P.S. The lining is not as exciting as the rest of the bag.


Taryn Satchel


The first time I sasw this at a store it was a nice surprise. It hadn't showed up online and looking at it in real caused some impact on my senses. I don't know why, it's not very original but I like it. I guess I can't really resist a boston shaped bag. I am not a fan of logos on handbags but, since I love Marc Jacobs so much I really don't mind carrying his logo filled Taryn Satchel. The size is great, it's a bit smaller than an LV Speedy 25 but it's good enough. And it's not heavy at all.

I have one issue with this bag though: it's PVC. I don't really want to carry a logo filled PVC bag, do I? I wouldn't mind at all but the combination of PVC and logos is not my favorite one. I know its not easy to find a Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bag for less than USD 300 but one can dream right? Other than that, I love the Taryn Satchel and I wouldn't mind carrying  the Black Multi color combination (yes, even if it's PVC.) The Chinchilla Multi (what is it about yellow that I am liking so so very much?) is also nice, the Hazelnut Multi not so much.

Available via Nordstrom for USD 228.